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About us

GRAFFITI originated as a software development company in 1996, at a time when, in Italy, new technologies were still a gamble.
Since then we have grown, and our history has been indissolubly linked with the evolution of the web. If we were asked to describe what GRAFFITI is today, our answer would undoubtedly be: it’s communication.

Ours is a dynamic company in which our five areas of specialisation – communication strategy, web & social marketing, media planning, mobile solutions and software – interact like well-tuned instruments.
Tourism has always been one of our core businesses: in the Upper Garda area, GRAFFITI serves more tourist facilities than any other web agency.

In addition to ad hoc solutions, we have also created a series of products for hotels as part of the InfoTourist platform. Through this application, we promote a digital culture that reduces distances, facilitates communication and helps people save their most valuable asset: time.