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On checking in, tourists will often ask for advice
on where to eat, have fun or do sport.

Welcome your
customers with an
app dedicated to the
places and events
in your area.

With the InfoTourist app you can say
goodbye to those old paper maps

Simple and intuitive management

Customise the app with your hotel's logo and with the places that you want to promote: museums, restaurants, shops, sports centres and amusement parks.
Simply select the points of interest, publish them and, for each, set the information you consider most important.

Similarly, you can increase the visibility of events taking place nearby.

Do you want to post a Point of Interest?
Select the POI Management tab and fill in the fields with the title, description and details you consider most useful.

If you do not know the exact coordinates, click on "Select from map": a window will pop up with a map, over which you can move the cursor; just click on the point to be geolocalized and the app will automatically extract the coordinates.

The process for posting an event is similar: select the Event Management tab, fill in the set fields and select the date using the calendar.


Once the app is installed, the customer will simply photograph the QR code or enter the numerical code provided at the time of checking in.

At this point, the InfoTourist app becomes, for all intents and purposes, your hotel's customized app.



On the map, your customer can see:

  • Where he or she is at
    any time
  • dov'è il tuo hotel, col sito web e le info principali
  • The points of interest you have set and events in the surrounding area


Tourists can filter the points of interest
by category. Each site is associated
with a tab containing:

  • Photos and textual information
  • Any related offers
  • Geographic coordinates
  • Help function guiding tourists to places or events
  • Help function guiding tourists back to your hotel


The app is available in three languages
selected automatically according to the customer:
Italian, German and English for any other nationality

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